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Resistance only way to liberate Palestine: Franklin Lamb

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.
Sir, what are your perceptions of Kerry's visit, and how can the so-called peace process continue with the Israelis belligerent attitude, as it continues the settlement building and it continues with the demolition of Palestinian homes in occupied territories?

Lamb: Yes. Just one comment on Kerry’s mission. Eleven days he has got in the region and he is going to tough the job in a lot of brush fires to put out, of course the Saudi issue and the Syrian case but in the case of Palestine, it is clear that these peace talks are dead on arrival as has been the so-called peace process.

He is hoping that at least the Americans want to see him relevant in this but the fact to the matter is, isn’t it, that the Zionists want what it referred to as a Catholic genuine victory remembering the Roman Punic Wars against Carthage.

They want total control, total destruction, total humiliation. So I think that the chances of any happiness result wise is very unlikely but he has got other problems on this mission and that is the Saudis and it seems that in his language today and yesterday he is trying to link no daylight between the American and the Saudi position. You know, he commented on that they were saying the same goal in Syria i.e. regime change and the same that the Americans and Joe Biden always say about the Zionists, where there is no daylight. So it equals no daylight between the Saudis position, the Zionist position and the Americans.

So I think with that as backdrop to his current mission but no, there won’t be any progress. The only thing that is going to liberate Palestine and we all know it and they know it, is going to be resistance. That is the only option. And it is going to continue and it is going to have to increase.

And talking about the issue of settlement building, it is illegal internationally, the United States has also stated that it is illegal and it does not support the settlement buildings but why can’t they get the Israelis to stop the settlement constructions?

Lamb: I was in a lecture last week I think it was today with the UN representative, he was talking about the fact that the UNIFIL has had over a hundred and fifty meetings with the Zionists over the over flight and the violation of the sovereignty here.
The conclusion is they have no ear to listen. They operate in a different mindset, a different psychology, a different view of the world and they are placed in it so international law is meant to apply to other nations, you know, of the ninety seven members of the United Nations but not to them.

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